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Michigan Tech Named a College That Pays You Back

Michigan Tech Named a College That Pays You Back

Michigan Technological University has been recognized by the Princeton Review as one of 200 colleges across the nation that “pay you back.”

Princeton Review, a private education services company not affiliated with PrincetonUniversity, announced its annual list of “Colleges that Pay You Back” this week.

Princeton Review chooses the 200 colleges on its list based on three criteria:

  • stellar academics.
  • affordable cost—either via a comparatively low sticker price or generous financialaid, or both.
  • strong career prospects for graduates.


A Great Job Right After Graduation


Michigan Tech alumna Monica Fraser agrees with the Princeton Review that her Michigan Tech education was well worth its price. Fraser, daughter of a kitchen and bathroom installer and a school teacher from Allen Park—a Detroit suburb—graduated from Tech with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering in December 2016. Before she had even graduated, she had landed a lucrative job as a software engineer with Amazon in Detroit.

Fraser says her parents instilled a value ethic in her when she was very young. “They taught me to save a part of my allowance and birthday gift money, to put it away for college,” she explains.

She also won the prestigious Leading Scholars scholarship from Michigan Tech, which helped finance her education.

“Michigan Tech is definitely a school that pays you back,” says Fraser. “Tech offered me so many opportunities, Enterprise, learning to work on a team as early as my freshman year. That helped me get two summer internships and explore beyond the focus of my major.


Companies Want Tech Grads


“Major companies like Amazon see that Michigan Tech graduates are worth hiring,” she adds.

According to the Princeton Review website, “Students who attend these schools don't have to mortgage their futures to pay for their degrees—and we believe they will graduate with great career prospects.

“We know there are more science, engineering, technology and mathematics jobs than there are candidates,” said John Lehman, associate vice president for enrollment and university relations. “This demand is driving up salaries. So our students’ degrees turn into jobs that become a surefire ticket to the middle class soon after they graduate. And for students who come from limited financial means, that is upward social mobility.  Michigan Tech is committed to continuing to provide these opportunities to our students."

Princeton Review chose its 2018 Colleges That Pay You Back based on data collected from fall 2016 through fall 2017 through institutional and student surveys and alumni career and salary statistics. They considered academics, costs,financial aid, debt, graduation rates and career/salary data.

The return on investment (ROI) for each school includes data collected through April 2017 from alumni surveys covering starting and mid-career salaries and career social impact, the organization’s website goes on to say.

Michigan Tech’s Princeton Review school profile can be seen online.

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